Graphics & Editing

I'm something of a semi-professional doodler. I have created graphics for logos, textbooks, websites, and other projects. Select the link below to browse some of these designs:

McGraw-Hill Ryerson
While an Editor with McGraw-Hill Ryerson, I edited over 20 textbooks and countless supplementary items. Select a link from the list below for a closer look (yes, I edited all of the Web sites, too):
  • Jones, Gareth R. et al., Contemporary Management
  • Kerin, Roger et al., Marketing: The Core
  • Nicholson, W. Keith, Linear Algebra with Applications
  • Passer, Michael et al., Psychology: Frontiers and Applications
  • Levy, Michael et al., Retailing Management
  • Cragg & Koggel, Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Lind, Douglas A. et al., Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics
  • Belch, Michael et al., Advertising & Promotion
  • Stevenson, Michael J. et al., Operations Management
  • Haag, Stephen, Management Information Systems
  • Plummer, Charles C., Physical Geology & the Environment
  • Beamish, Paul W., Cases in Strategic Management

    The Comics Journal
    With Fantagraphics Books Inc., I was Managing Editor of The Comics Journal, easily the most respected publication about the comics industry and art form. This included editing columns, writing reviews, and arranging and conducting 50-page interviews. Although the Journal has marched on since my tenure, much of my work can still be found at

  • Copywriting
    After leaving McGraw-Hill, I continued to perform a specialized service for their Higher Education division: writing the back-cover copy for their texts.

    Combining writing skills with marketing savvy and an understanding of educational publishing, I wrote back covers for dozens of texts, from business to advertising to psychology to government... the list goes on and on.

    Select the link below to view some of these back covers: